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A little bit about the charity

National Military Working Dogs Memorial

National Military Working Dogs Memorial charity, otherwise known as NMWDM (UK), was established in 2017 with the sole purpose to establish a memorial to commemorate the Military Working Dogs who bravely served their country in both World Wars and subsequent conflicts as in Bosnia Afghanistan and Iraq.

This memorial will be a public monument situated in North Wales (central location for the whole of the UK and Ireland) and will be open all hours. The land has been donated to the charity.

Working Dogs Memorial

Design with meaning

The planned working dog memorial has been designed to represent all the branches of the United Kingdom Armed Forces.

North, East, South and West will be the strategic positions that a military working dog will be placed to represent their associated Armed Forces organisation:

North – The British Army

The British Army will face North.  The first plinth will be representative of the tip of the spear, which is where many dog handlers can be found on deployment. The British Army is represented by working army dog, Theo, whose handler Liam Tasker had strong ties to the North regions (both Scotland and Yorkshire).

East – RAF Police

The Royal Air Force will face East.  The second plinth will be representative of the nose cone of an aircraft.  The Royal Air Force is represented by working Royal Air Force Police dog, Lucky, who was sent ‘East’, to Malaya, to help track terrorist groups in the jungles during the Malayan Emergency.v

South – The Royal Navy

The Royal Navy will face South.  The third plinth will be representative of the bow of a ship.  The Royal Navy is represented by working Royal Navy dog, Judy.  South is symbolic as being the direction that many threats to the United Kingdom have come from and for being the region historically, and currently to key Royal Navy bases.

West – Military Mascots

All of the Armed Forces will face West.  The fourth and final plinth will be representative of military working dogs who served as mascots in all branches of the Armed Services.  West is represented by one of the most famous working military dogs in recent years, Buster, of the Royal Air Force Police.  Buster served first as an active military working dog in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan.


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